Sunday, May 23, 2010

South Korea & Illinois

I got a really cool letter from my Pal Yun. I recieved a letter sent in a rice paper envelope I love my out of country pals. The postage and the different envelopes are, wonderful and i like it cause i dont see things like that in the US. where you gonna get rice paper envelopes in Hawaii?? She writes to me letting me know that she is not an aunty, her nephew is now one month old. She's never been around new borns much so its all really new to her. Yun also sent me a postcard of Busan, Haeundae. the post card shows me a part of what its like where she lives. I didnt know that they had a big Iron bridge like the golden gate we have here in the US.

I just wanted you all to know that all of you who write are Awesome! when i recieve your letters it makes me feel like the art of letter writing isnt dying. So to all my PP thank you all very much, I appreciate you! For those of you who are from countries of my Heritage, i cherish you a lot cause i may never make it there in this life time but at least i can say I've known people who where from where your from and Im pretty proud of that i can say i have friends in far places =)

Heidi is a new. i just got her letter today! shes from Illinois. Heidi is 24 and shes going to be moving in mid July. she has her Bachelors degree in Advertising 2 years ago. she sells job posts for she says its a horrible job, she quite after 4 months, she now lives on her own and she loves it. Right now she works in Real Estate... (not bad man!) she's just in a pickle and she doesnt really know what she wants to do. but money does talk so yeah.... she doesnt want to the average house wife who stays home and cooks... i can totally agree with that. she has an older sister who is the same age as my older sister and a younger sister who is my age and a younger brother who is my younger sisters age! wow... thats really interesting. Like me she doesnt have much contact with her father and she's pretty close to her mother... which is not like me hahaha...

Heidi's letter was different... it was really general information nothing really personal like favorites or what she does with her free time or her likes and what not but i guess, things change with age? I dont really know how to put it... its was different though. Well at least I'll have a lot of questions to ask.

Thank you for you letters, i always have a smile on my face when i recieve them =)

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