Sunday, May 23, 2010

South Korea & Illinois

I got a really cool letter from my Pal Yun. I recieved a letter sent in a rice paper envelope I love my out of country pals. The postage and the different envelopes are, wonderful and i like it cause i dont see things like that in the US. where you gonna get rice paper envelopes in Hawaii?? She writes to me letting me know that she is not an aunty, her nephew is now one month old. She's never been around new borns much so its all really new to her. Yun also sent me a postcard of Busan, Haeundae. the post card shows me a part of what its like where she lives. I didnt know that they had a big Iron bridge like the golden gate we have here in the US.

I just wanted you all to know that all of you who write are Awesome! when i recieve your letters it makes me feel like the art of letter writing isnt dying. So to all my PP thank you all very much, I appreciate you! For those of you who are from countries of my Heritage, i cherish you a lot cause i may never make it there in this life time but at least i can say I've known people who where from where your from and Im pretty proud of that i can say i have friends in far places =)

Heidi is a new. i just got her letter today! shes from Illinois. Heidi is 24 and shes going to be moving in mid July. she has her Bachelors degree in Advertising 2 years ago. she sells job posts for she says its a horrible job, she quite after 4 months, she now lives on her own and she loves it. Right now she works in Real Estate... (not bad man!) she's just in a pickle and she doesnt really know what she wants to do. but money does talk so yeah.... she doesnt want to the average house wife who stays home and cooks... i can totally agree with that. she has an older sister who is the same age as my older sister and a younger sister who is my age and a younger brother who is my younger sisters age! wow... thats really interesting. Like me she doesnt have much contact with her father and she's pretty close to her mother... which is not like me hahaha...

Heidi's letter was different... it was really general information nothing really personal like favorites or what she does with her free time or her likes and what not but i guess, things change with age? I dont really know how to put it... its was different though. Well at least I'll have a lot of questions to ask.

Thank you for you letters, i always have a smile on my face when i recieve them =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is a small piece on me... just for you!

My name is Kahealani, in Hawaiian it means "The Heavenly call". I'm half Okinawan, Hawaiian, Chinese, Korean, English, Irish, German & Portugese. Im am the international Mixed Plate =)

I love Writing & Pitbulls those are my lifes Passions!

My boyfriend Koa and i will make 4 years on 29.Dec.2010 He is literally my other half, he's everything im not... together we are the life of the party!

I am trying to move back to Oahu to be with my boyfriend before our 4 year Anniversary!

I dont pen pal with guyz, its a personal choice! I would rather avoid the possibility of Drama!

I like black and any color comboz. mostly Pink, green, blue & red mixed with black.

I love to be around nature...Natural beauty is free and breath taking!

I like to draw, when im in the zone, I'm in the ZONE!

I cut down my pen pal list every month, the ones who keep up are Keepers.

I never leave home without my camera and my video flip.

I always have a notebook/pad & pen with me... just in case i have to jot down some notes.

I cant write poems to save my life... but when i free style, its mean!

Its easier for me to get along with guys, girls are the challenge. but i do have friends that are female =) they're the guys girlz hahaha does that count?

Tim Burton & Johnny Depp along with mister Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) oh boy.

therez more but... thats all for now =0) until next time.. Take good care!

Tallahassee, Florida & Heidleberg, Germany

Lillyz letter came in a while ago... i didnt see it when i was going through my mail... damit... oh well i finally got it and i laughed through half of the letter.

i got one for you Lilly... you know your from Hawaii when you call the rubber things on you feet slippers and not flip flops hahaha. yes, thats right... in Hawaii we call them slippers, when people come in to the stores and ask for flip flops i tell them "yeah we have rubber slippers". i always thought that flow-jo were flip flops but flow-joz are the rubber slippers with the straps that form an X over your foot... gosh, how twisted! I replied and the letter is being sent out on Monday! How about this one, you know from hawaii when you know what Haole means... BTW you spelt that like a white girl lol. you have been away for far too long my friend!!

for those of you who come to Hawaii with no knowledge of what that word means (how-lee) means Forgiener, not white not anything like that... we can tell if you from here or not... i can at least....

Darjaz letter came in friday... she likes her old school horror flicks like i mean old school and when i say horror i dont mean the American Horror that just makes you jump, im talking about the Asian type horror movies that stick with you and make you not wanna fall asleep without your boyfriend! in my last letteres i told her about some fish we got here and sashimi and sushi. In Hawaii we have wild life... but its not that wild... and there not native... we have mongoose they are cousins of ferrets they are all brown and are road kill if they dont move fast enough. Mongoose where brought here to eat the Toads & frogs... now that the problem is fixed they have become the problem! we have small tiny frogs that make a lot noise... its the males of this type of frogs that do the calling. these frogs are the Coqui frogs, they are annoying cause im used to chickens and for me thats soothing, i grew up around it but this is rediculous. BUT the conditions have to be right for them to call... when its really cold outside they stop cause the cold is too cold for them to mate. So some nights mother nature gives me a break and lets the cold roll in and then... i have peace and quiet... and i sleep really good without the cherping lol i know i spelt that wrong. who carez this is MY blog.

well i got these letters ready to go... i'm gonna walk it out tomorrow. I got a new laptop!!! i love it now i can do things that i couldnt do before... downloads galore! YES, i am a PC and i chose windowz 7! I love Pitbulls by the way & Animal planet has a show about a woman that has a shealter she runz and i think that its beautiful!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Friend from Down Under

Today i got a letter that was inside another envelope due to damages... a small rip at the bottom it was stopped in Australia "repacked" and they sent on its way... its my first letter from Kristie! YAY! She's from Australia, kristie sent me a boomerang key chain and post card of Sydneys Evening skylines and Opera House. We are both Libras.... im 4years and 2 days older then Kristie. I thought that was really cool, her birthday and mine being so close together =) She was born the year of the Horse & myself the Tiger! from my understanding Australia is similar to Hawaii but with all the animals are definately different. she loves to take Black and white pictures, her camera goes with her everywhere and speaking of camera's, i need to USB cord for mine... ive seemed to have miss placed it. i wanna put up some pictures of the great stuff that ive been getting! Music truely moves people but for Kristie its put her on a track to become a Music Lawyer. Kristie like Tim Burton & Johnny Depp just like myself, our other common interests are that we collect Post cards & Stamps. Kristie told me about some MUST SEE's and whats good. The night life must be exciting with a muliticultural Luna park, its a theme park that they have there and the Entrance is a Giant face hahaha. i thought that was cool, Taronga Zoo has 2 new baby Elephants, Sydney Harbor Bridge & Opera house are way better at night accoding to Kristie and looking at the lights in the post card, its a beauty! Kristie would rather go to Manly Beach then Blondi beach, and if has anything to do with the way it sounds... i would wanna go to manly beach too =) The Golden Coast in Queensland is here favorite place to be, the theme parks must be great fun there =)... I have some Hawaiian stuff too look up and breakfast to eat.. i shall be back for the next post... hope its soon ;) KA

Monday, May 3, 2010

Colton, California - Bischwiller, France & Brooklyn, New York!

Lets see today i got 3 Letters in: Jelika, Claudine & Kristina!

Jelika i've been writing to since the begining of the year, she and i have wrote the most letter back and forth compared to all the other pen pals that i have. She brought a pretty good point about a life style. Personally for me I'm really organized and neat, cause i need to be able to find things around my house. I dont mind doing laundry all day if it means a clean house where i can confident enought to have people over without being embarrased, i cant stand clutter and once any place seems to be getting short of space its time to clean and reorganize my things. Jelika a lucky she gets to travel in the next to months.

Claudine's first letter came in today, I'm noticing that a lot of pen pals have diddle stationary, its all very cute. her letter came in very neat, just how i like them! her letters come from France, she lives somewhere NE of France real close to Germany. Aint that something... i think so being that i have never been to either of the countrys and have yet to take a trip there! she just got through celebrating her 10 commitment to working, Congradulations!! Claudine and i have some views that are the same... I'm not very willing to sit in the theatre and watch a 2-3 hour movie when i can just be patient and wait for the DVD, that usually the case BUT if i was dying to see it then i sure will make it in the theatre. Claudine loves the winter & snow and one day she wants to Move to Alaska, did you know that if you move to Alaska you get paid to live there! yeah, cause its so cold and live there is pretty rough... i would definately visit but im not sure about fishing out of ice holes and polar bears. I enjoyed that first letter!

Kristina is From Brooklyn, NY... thats right "the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, theres nothing you cant do, now that your in NY" Kristina is the same age as my older sister there for her age doesnt bother me at all! she has dreams of having her own classroom one day which means she's an Assistant Teacher and pretty close to getting her own classroom! We have common interests in Bowling, collecting post cards, stamps, coins and Teas!